Signing In

On your first visit, you will be required to fill out a Registration Form. Please make sure to sign the disclaimer and indicate any physical injuries or health conditions that may require our attention. Also, if you do have any injuries, please let your instructors know before the class, as this will help them adjust the program to your needs and provide you with the appropriate exercise modifications.

Checking In

You must check in at the Reception before starting your class even if you have booked your space in advance.


Please make sure to arrive at least 5 minutes before your class is due to commence. Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter. If you are late for more than 5 minutes your space will be given to the first person on the waiting list.


Reservations for private sessions and group classes can be made in person or by telephone. To secure your spot in a class, pre-registering is strongly encouraged.


To change or cancel an existing booking you must provide a notice of minimum 12 hours for the morning or 3 hours for the afternoon/evening group classes and private sessions. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending your class/session, however, applying this policy is vital for the smooth running of our studio.


All classes/sessions must be paid in advance. The studio accepts cash.


All Packages have expiration dates. Please check your specific package validity before purchase. FLO Studio does not offer refunds unless you are medically unfit to participate in Pilates or Yoga sessions, in which case medical certificate must be provided. Packages cannot be transferred or credited to either a future package or another student. Please choose carefully!


If you suspect or discover that you are pregnant it is imperative that you advise FLO Studio before you commence another class. A prenatal class is the only suitable option for pregnancy, regardless of your gestational age. If you already have an active class package, the remainder of your classes will be held in credit and can be utilized towards a prenatal program (if available) or towards any other program within the same price range upon your return from maternity leave.

Personal Belongings

Personal items, clothes and shoes may be stored in the lockers provided in our locker rooms. FLO Studio is not responsible for any loss or theft.


Clean towels are provided for all our clients. Just ask your receptionist for a large towel if you would like to have a shower after your class. Small towels are available in both our studios, please feel free to use them. Kindly dispose of used towels in the baskets provided.

DND Policy

If there is a class in progress, please enter the studio quietly in order not to disturb the progress of the class.

Mobile phones

It is in your and other clients best interest not to be interrupted during a class/session. That is why we strongly encourage you to leave your mobile phones in the lockers provided in our locker rooms and not to take them with you to your class/private session. In case you are waiting for an emergency call, please let your instructor know and keep your phone on silent/vibrate mode. Kindly leave the class before answering your call and return after your conversation is complete.

A clean studio environment

At FLO Studio pilates and yoga mats of highest quality are provided for all our clients. All the mats are thoroughly cleaned in the morning before the classes commence and during the afternoon break. However, in order to promote hygiene, we would like to kindly ask you to wipe down your mat at the end of your class. You can use the special cleaning spray and towels offered on display in each studio. Thank you!


Wearing comfortable workout clothes is recommended during all classes. Kindly remove your shoes before entering the studios and leave them in the locker room. The use of non-slip socks is optional but recommended for all pilates classes and required for all barre classes and pilates equipment sessions.

Food and drinks

It is strongly advised not to eat a heavy meal for at least three hours before your class. It is also vital that you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day. Water is provided for all FLO Studio clients at all times.