A fun pilates mat class that focuses on developing and maintaining core stability, improving flexibility and balancing our deep and peripheral musculature. Our aim is to provide optimal support to the spinal column and to achieve and maintain a healthy posture. We will be working towards strengthening and toning the abs, back, arms and legs. Small equipment – such as flex band exerciser, fitness circle resistance ring, foam roller, small weights and toning balls – are often going to be used to intensify the workout. This class is suitable for the practitioners of mixed levels.


Reformer Pilates group training sessions are performed on a specialised piece of equipment that uses spring resistance for a full-body workout. The reformer can be adjusted to suit your body shape, your flexibility and your strength. We stand, sit, lay down and utilize the pulley system to tone muscles and strengthen the core. We recommend that minimum of 10 mat Pilates classes should be taken prior to starting the Reformer sessions.